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We believe our business has been so effective, and continued to grow, because we tirelessly work for the benefit of our customers. Many other agencies face a common conflict of interest when they represent both the buyer and the seller, but this is not the case with The Real Buyer’s Agent. When you’re searching for homes for sale, you can rest assured that we will be there to help you, and only you, find the best deal.

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Our agents are familiar with all three counties in the Charleston area, Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester. Once we have helped you find that perfect property – whether it be your new family home or an exciting new investment opportunity – we will help you decipher the sometimes difficult world of real estate. No matter whether the property is listed under another agency or is For Sale By Owner, we can help. We conduct market analysis to make sure that this property is the one for you and that you’ll get it at the best price possible. And since it is rare that buyers relish the idea of personally haggling for a price, we will negotiate with the seller for you and rely on our history of experience and results to get the outcome you desire.

We arrange home inspections and accompany you on them to make sure everything is just right, and when it is time for closing, we will be by your side. You do not pay extra for our personal attention to detail, as our fees are paid from the proceeds of the final transaction (unless other arrangements have been chosen by the client). For everyone here at The Real Buyer’s Agent, we consider our personal touch to be the cornerstone of a smooth and positive journey through your property’s purchase.

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Harrison Smith

Review Date:
I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone my praise of David Kent. My wife and I are both locally employed in the medical field. I lead with this as we are incredibly hard working and driven individuals with busy schedules. We have high expectations of ourselves, and thus ask the same of the individuals we choose to work with. It was non-negotiable that whomever we ultimately used as a realtor had to be able to accommodate our busy schedules, be that either meeting on weekends, or late in the evening. We further needed someone who would give us efficient and honest answers, who had extensive experience with the local real estate market, who received accolades that supported this, and who treated us with the utmost respect and humility deserved when making arguably the largest purchase of your life. …Enter David Kent. As mentioned above, my career engrains a habit to always perform extensive research before making a decision. As such, I did the same before selecting a realtor to help me purchase our first home. I was in the market for an exclusive buyer’s agent to minimize all conflicts of interest, thus reinforcing the feeling that I truly had someone in my corner of the ring. There were ample testimonials online of exceptional interactions with David Kent. After vetting a few others, we ultimately reached out to David for a meeting. From the moment we started a professional relationship with David, he was friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, modest, and trustworthy. He worked with us on our schedule, and was able to accommodate our needs, be that late night phone calls, assistance in finding the best rated mortgage lenders, viewing homes, etc. He provided us his cell phone number, and absolutely made himself available 24/7 for the entirety of our interaction. Another thing worthy of mentioning was that we chose to buy our house during the housing boom of 2021. Most houses were on the market for less than 24 hours, and bidding wars became an all but guaranteed thing. Despite this being a novel situation, David helped us navigate this process with ease. There were some downright awkward interactions with others given the housing market and David always took charge to get us on to properties, negotiate our most competitive offer, and play our hand close to our chest. Unfortunately, and to no fault of David what-so-ever, we had a nightmare scenario occur in regards to our interactions with the seller we ultimately came under contract with. David rose to the occasion. I cannot even begin to count the times I would call him on the phone with a concern, and he would quickly respond with “I’ll handle it, don’t you worry about a thing.” And then he would do just that. Every time, without fail, he would come through for us. Be it from his personal knowledge of the closing process, or his plethora of contacts, he would always, and I mean always, help us overcome any obstacle that arose. All the while he did this with grace, composure, and a level head. I write you now from the comfort of my first home. It met every criterion we had, closed in a timely fashion, and I look forward to building a life here. None of this would have been possible without David. If you take away any value from what I have written above, I hope it is this: David Kent is not just an exceptional exclusive buyers’ realtor, he is an exceptional human being. He leads by example, works tirelessly, day and night, weekday or weekend to help you achieve your goals. He is respectful, well mannered, humble, kind, jovial and most importantly, he is honest. I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt that if your goals and expectations are realistic, he will help you find the property for you. No question about it. He receives the highest recommendation I could give. I have already recommended him to my closest friends and family and I will certainly use him in the future. Thank you for your time.

Sean Fourney

Review Date:
From the beginning to the end, we could not have asked for a better representative than David Kent at The Real Buyer's Agent. As first-time homebuyers, we were afraid we would miss an important structural detail about a home, not understand the purchasing process, or miss a crucial deadline for submitting certain paperwork. With David, however, none of that was an issue. He has a construction background and knows what is structurally sound and what isn't. He shoots very straight about what will or will not need to be done with the house when you see it, and he does not hesitate to tell you if something is going to be a problem. He also takes great care in walking you through the offering process, how to play it, and how to seal the deal. We would not have found and closed on our home without him. He is also extremely available. In this fast-paced market, there wasn't one time that we didn't get to see a home that just popped up. David's online system has quick alerts, and he always answers his phone when we call and ask to see it immediately! We also received his analysis on every home that we expressed a deeper interest in before moving forward which included market value of similar homes, property reports, and disclosure repair statements. In all, there is no stone left unturned. I think the easiest way to sum up our experience with David is to say that we trust him. We never once felt like we were out of the loop or were going down the wrong path because of him. We truly felt that he wanted to find the perfect home for us given our needs. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is unsure about the homebuying process and wants someone who is working with your best interest in mind.
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