Typical Buyer’s Fees

Depending on where you are purchasing property, the price of the property, your lender’s terms, the distribution of fees charged to buyer and/or seller (which can be part of your negotiation when you put an offer on a piece of property) typical closing costs on the purchase of real estate range anywhere between 3% to 7% of the purchase price. Your lender by law must supply you with a pre-settlement “Good Faith Estimate.” (GFE) It will not necessarily give you all of the actual costs; it should give you an idea. Make sure to ask your mortgage professional which costs may not be accurate and make sure you fully understand the GFE.

Typical Buyers’ Fees …
A Buyer’s Agent pledges to work for the Buyer:

Loan origination fee, usually 1% of your mortgage amount

Discount point (or points), each usually 1% of your mortgage amount

Assumption fee (if you assume the seller’s old mortgage)

Title search fee

Lender’s title insurance fee

Owner’s title insurance fee (optional but advisable)

Survey fee (if applicable)

Two fees that may have been paid when you applied for the loan:

◦ Appraisal fee

◦ Credit report fee

Lender’s inspection fee

Recording fees

Prepaid interest on your mortgage, covering the time between settlement and the first regular monthly payment

Prepaid mortgage insurance premium

Property tax, possible reimbursement to seller and/or payment on future taxes

Assessment, possible 1 to 3 month local improvement charge or association fee (especially applicable to condominium buyers)

Lawyers fees (if applicable)