Just over the Ravenel Bridge in Mount Pleasant, I’On is a neo-traditional neighborhood made up of custom single family homes with abundant architectural diversity. The attention to detail in architecture and landscaping adds to the neighborhood's charm. The I’On community broke ground around 2000 and was designed to highlight the unique charm and beauty of the architecture of downtown Charleston. Some standout home features designs include the triple porches of the Charleston single, wrought iron fences, ornate cupolas, double chimneys and tucked away gardens. I’On offers its home owners the “feel” of historic downtown Charleston properties without the worry and upkeep of owning a 100 year old structure.

Characterized by its pedestrian-friendly layout, tree-lined streets, and a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces; Parks, lakes, canals, trails and playgrounds in I’On are not just an afterthought. The neighborhood is designed to encourage interaction among residents. The front of the neighborhood offers a unique “village” feel with restaurants, pubs, retail shops and businesses creating a vibrant and engaging neighborhood environment.

 I’On offers a range of amenities for residents to enjoy, including parks, playgrounds, 5 walking trails, and a community dock on the Hobcaw Creek. The I'On Club provides additional recreational facilities, such as 9 clay tennis courts, multiple swimming pools, and a state of the art fitness center, as well as social activities and events with full time staff to meet the needs of it’s residents. I'On is known for its strong sense of community, with residents often coming together for neighborhood events, social gatherings, and volunteer initiatives. The neighborhood association plays an active role in organizing activities and maintaining the community's aesthetic appeal.


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